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Never love too deep. It will only hurt you.

I was told life was unfair. They never told me it would be this cruel.

She thought of him every second. His thoughts refused to leave her soul. She had hopelessly fallen only to realise that he intended to catch someone else.

Reality is the biggest lie of them all.

She was scared. She didn’t know what the reality of her life was anymore. Every event that happened, changed her so drastically that she couldn’t recognize the person in the mirror.

Love is a sick joke played on humanity.

There are times in life when everything you love, everything that you care for falls apart. You have to go through the pain of your world falling to pieces every single day. It sucks. It’s not easy. It’s one of the worst things that can probably happen to anyone. The feeling of your happy bubble bursting. Your safety net breaking. When there is nothing or no one to catch you when you fall. Its a tough time. But you need to stay strong. Need to keep yourself up. Don’t give up the fight. Cause if you do, everything you ever fought for,everything that you stood up for will all be in vain.